Een patiënten belangenorganisatie  in Amerika en gericht op alle vormen van amputaties. Mensen uit andere landen kunnen ook lid worden. De ACA geeft magazine InMotion uit.

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Amputee Coalition of America
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Vijfjarenplan van de ACA

We believe we can be most effective when we seek out and incorporate members and members’ perspectives in all the work that we do.

The Amputee Coalition of America’s (ACA’s) new 5-year strategic plan, our 2015 Plan, seeks to answer one fundamental question: How can we most effectively use our resources to positively interact with and improve the lives of people living with limb loss and help raise awareness about limb loss in general? At the heart of our plan is a simple, but profound, shift in how we view our role: We believe we can be most effective when we seek out and incorporate members and members’ perspectives in all the work that we do. This simple principle will fuel greater involvement by amputees in the Amputee Coalition and prove to be the single most powerful element of our organization. We are proud of our record of innovations and accomplishments over the past 20-plus years. Since our humble beginning in 1986, the Amputee Coalition has been devoted to its mission of supporting and advancing education and services for the amputee community. We have experienced a range of successes and challenges. Looking back and reflecting on lessons learned, we realize that, at times, our approaches have not fully capitalized on the expertise, experience and credibility that exists within the amputee community. We believe our new strategic direction gives the amputee community and us the best of both worlds – building upon our own capabilities while striving to increase member involvement and input into the organization. I hope this plan will encourage your commitment to the Amputee Coalition. I pledge our commitment to you, our member, to be a collaborator, champion, advocate and listener and to consistently, effectively and positively provide support and services that advance the priorities in the limb loss community. In the near-term, the resources we can bring to bear on these priorities will not be as great as we would like, and we will have to pace our implementation. We expect, however, that over the next 5 years, we will grow our resource base so we can better support implementation of our 2015 Plan initiatives and begin to envision our next 5-year plan, which will take us to 2020. We are eager to embark on our new direction and invite you to share our enthusiasm and join us to build this great organization. Sincerely,
President & CEO, Amputee Coalition of America